A rather infamous turn in the Sno-Drift series; drivers have to make a right 90 while braking on a steep icy downhill. Most, like this 2003 Subaru driver, don't make it.


Sno-Drift has its share of casualties, like this Subie from Sno-Drift 2007.


Classic GTI in service at Sno-Drift 2007.


Loving the Audi at at Sno-Drift 2003.


Ken Block's rather infamous STi, posing pre-race at Sno-Drift 2009. Where are the fluorescent light bulbs and water balloons?


Near zero temps during night racing result in an impromptu bonfire. It can only get better (or worse) from here.


Rally America action isn't always about big-budget all-wheel drive. We love the underdogs, and yes, we love this old Ford Escort GT at Sno-Drift 2009.


Takin' the pic of a textbook Scandinavian flick at Sno-Drift 2008.


Even Hardcastle and McCormick like Sno-Drift, though Rally America officials asked them to move the Coyote when the crowd around the car blocked the entrance to the service area.


What's better than racing a Jeep in a rally? Racing a lime green Jeep in a rally, circa 2003.


Back in 2001, spying this classic Mitsubishi Evo was beyond cool. Nowadays, well, it's still cool.


Fans casually chatting with Rally America champ Travis Pastrana at Sno-Drift 2009.


And you thought vintage 911s were tricky to drive on dry pavement. Rule of thumb for driving a 911 in snow--don't lift off the gas. Or turn. Or especially both at the same time. Somehow, these guys did, and did it well.


Sno-Drift 2002 wasn't so much with the snow, as these mud covered fans will attest.

A Sno-Drift Classic Loving Ken Near Rally Takin' Even What's Back Fans And Sno-Drift