It's okay to cry; we wept in joy when we saw this vintage Audi, too.


Bouncing off snow banks is a well-known trick for rallying in the snow.



The Fiesta is an attractive car, but Block's flared-out rally beast is just evil.


Ken Block and Alessandro Gelsomino, ripping it up on stage 2.


Custom front end work courtesy of Sir Issac Newton.


Crowds packed the two super special stages, held in a gravel pit outside Atlanta, Michigan. Fans braved the cold (and a $5 admission plus $10 to park) to watch the cars perform on a specially-prepared course. The views were excellent, the cars were quick, and did we mention it cost $15 bucks? To stand around a gravel pit? Shame on you, Rally America.


Evo in opposite lock. The sad part is that it's so icy, he was only going six miles per hour. Okay, maybe a little faster.


Entering downtown Lewiston for the first Friday service.


It's not what you think. Well, maybe it is, but the builders of this Legacy wagon are also Subie experts and part of the Subie Guys Rally America team.


Lined up a mile deep for the second spectator stage on Saturday, near downtown Atlanta, Michigan.


199 resting at the first service in Lewiston, Michigan.


When the sun goes down, the lights go up.


Pastrana showing the crowd what rally cars can do when they actually have traction.


Champagne celebration in Hillman, Michigan. First place: Travis Pastrana and co-driver Christian Edstrom, 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (center). Second place: Antoine L'Estage and co-driver Nathalie Richard, 2009 Mitsubishi Evo X (left). Third place: William Bacon and co-driver Peter Watt, 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX (right).


"I'm driving the WRX STi... you can't miss it."


The few remaining Toyotas that haven't been recalled made the journey to Atlanta. We suspect these guys don't mind if their accelerators stick.


No rally excursion would be complete without getting completely lost, and this is what happens when you have an old map, a bad sense of direction, and a misguided sense of adventure.


Alas poor Volvo, we hardly knew thee. Actually, the front wheel was repaired and the Volvo came back for competition on Saturday.


We're thinking the same thing...isn't that 1980 Volvo a little too nice to rally?


We love the VW guys at Sno-Drift. They weren't the quickest, but they were never afraid to use the handbrake and the gas pedal at the same time.

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