Digging down to the camshaft position center (located inside the white circle). Removing the intake manifold isn't necessary to complete this job, but it definitely helps.


The culprit of the bad miss/bucking problem, a $41 camshaft position sensor.


The 3.0L SHO V-6 engine minus its massive intake manifold.


Disassembled for cleaning.


Going back together.


The crossover tube connecting the front and rear tanks stays off until the manifold is bolted to the engine.


In order to properly seat the intake, all the clamps on the intake runners are kept loose. Once the runners are bolted back to the heads, everything can be snugged down. If done correctly, the crossover tube (not yet installed on the left side of the intake) should line right up.


I'm thankful for the aluminum bushings, but the subframe bolts are supposed to be installed from the bottom, not the top!


Driving a Taurus SHO with a dingy intake manifold is like watching Playboy TV on a black and white TV. Not that I watch Playboy TV.


No locking lug nut key? No problem. Sure, I could've paid the local Ford dealer $20 to pull a lug key out of their archives and remove the four offenders, but this is a cheap car challege. One 12-point 3/4 socket, some penetrating lubricant, a big hammer, and a bigger pry bar and voila; no more locking lug nut.


Basic gauges illuminated with lights, manual heater controls, and a basic stereo. Explain again why modern cars need 2000 pounds of electronic equipment?





Okay, so the new wheels aren't really new, just revitalized. The various stages of the refinishing process (from L to R)--old clearcoat and corrosion sanded, lip polished and masked. Primed with flat black, ready for finish coat and gloss. Completed wheel, finished in Satin Black with a fresh clear coat.



The off-road lights in action.


The teaser--refinished wheels are installed, more photos to come next time.


Scuffing and polishing the 15 inch basketweaves from cruddy to cool.

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