Dropping the column was the only way to access the ignition switch.


Source of the fire, er, the almost fire. The white harness at the base of the column is the switch.


16-inch "slicer" wheels in gunmetal, or 15-inch "basketweaves" in black with the polished lip?


Sneak peak at what the convention goers will see underhood.


Prepping the core support and grille for some fresh paint.


From flaking white clearcoat to glossy white primer. Even though I rubbed through to primer, I'll still take this over ratty clearcoat any day.


A before shot of the worst rust on the car, grinded and treated liberally with stop rust that actually turns the rust into a sandable surface. I was skeptical, but to my surprise, it worked pretty much as advertised.


Word to the wise--when working with body filler, don't skimp on the cheap stuff. The yellow professional grade filler is much easier to work with, and it produces a better finish.


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