Robert Kubica Crash -- Sign the Winding Road "Get Well" card

As many of you may know, Robert Kubica, Lotus Renault GP driver in Formula 1, suffered serious injuries in a crash on Sunday. The Lotus Renault driver received multiple fractures to his right arm and leg, plus severe cuts to his forearm, after crashing against a guard rail in the Ronde di Andora rally in Italy. Kubica underwent seven hours of surgery to repair damage to his right arm and a partially severed hand. He will have several other surgeries this week to deal with fractures in his shoulder and foot. The injuries were the result of the guard rail penetrating the cabin of the car, something which apparently occurred because there was a gap in the guard rail allowing the front of Kubica's Skoda to hit the end of guard rail head on. Kubica is one of our favorite drivers in F1, so we were deeply saddened by this news. We're also hopeful that he recovers well from these injuries and is back in F1 in 2012. The Winding Road art department is designing a special "Get Well" card for Robert, which we will send to him via Lotus Renault GP. We'd like to have as many WR readers as possible sign the card. Simply put your name and city/state in a comment below (add country if not USA please). We'll see to it that your name and location is printed on the card. The more names, the bigger the card.
by Tom Martin on Feb. 09, 2011 - 8:11 a.m.