Passing in F1: Hypocrisy Run Amok?

I don't completely get the complaints about Hamilton's passing. I'm hardly a Hamilton fanboy, being more in the ABL (Anyone But Lewis) camp. But really, the FIA and F1 spent 10 years trying to figure out a way to get passing into the sport. Then Hamilton has the audacity to try to pass on a somewhat regular basis and Sacre Bleu! How dare he try to pass!?!? This same thing can be seen with Marco Simoncelli in MotoGP. There are probably others. So, some will say, "oh, but it is the way he passes, it is too risky". Well, maybe, but if it weren't risky, then this would be NASCAR, no? So, I guess, the artistes want semi-risky passes that have a high probability of working? Or something equally disconnected from reality? I don't get it. It seems like the best passers surprise people and then crashes sometimes happen. After the fact, announcers and former racers criticize someone randomly. Give me a set of rules for passing that clearly define a) who is wrong if there is a crash, b) encourage passing.
by BillS on June 13, 2011 - 12:18 p.m.