FIA Loses Its Mind Re:F1 Penalties?!!???

Probably no one watches F1 with unbiased eyes, but seriously, I don't get what is going on. At Spa Vettel attempts a pass, the car gets sideways and he takes out Button. Seems like the crowd wants passing, Vettel did what is wanted, this is racing so the cars are at the limit and sometimes driver's lose control. Classic racing incident in my mind. But NO! He gets a drive through. Now, at the start of Monza, Massa and Hamilton come together. Hamilton's front suspension is destroyed. I guess he isn't penalized because a) he destroyed his car and b) he didn't destroy Massa's? So it is a racing incident depending on the result? Thus, Hamilton (and other drivers) are being held accountable for their ability to calculate the damage that will be done by the exact angles and velocities and materials in a crash (something you probably couldn't do on a supercomputer)? Seriously, does this make sense? Oh, and then there's Hulkenberg cutting corners and blocking, but he gets no penalty? Not that I think he should, but some consistency would be nice. I don't get it.
by dieselhead on Sept. 13, 2010 - 9:55 a.m.