Best driving dynamics, E46 M3 or NC Miata?

Hi, I have saved $30000 and am confused as to whether the E46 M3 has better handling and driving dynamics compared to an NC Miata. I do not care about practicality or mpg or luxury. All that matters is driving involvement. I shortlisted these two for the near 50:50 weight balance, rear wheel drive characteristics. I should mention that I plan to autocross and track at least once every month. From that perspective, the Miata seems to have a larger tuning/ racing community. So which one of the two would be better from a pure driving perspective? I want to save money and modify the brakes, suspension, etc. that is why I am capping my budget at $30k. P.S. Should I also look at Cayman's and Elise's/ Exige's? Thank you! :)
by 458italia911gt3rs on Sept. 08, 2011 - 5:02 p.m.