Z-06 Corvette Carbon

The entire C-6 line up is great. Great value for the performance offered for each model. That said, to group the Dodge Viper with Corvette as a 'mass produced' vehicle is flat out wrong. The Viper never was a mass produced vehicle. With a build of 1,000 to a high of 2,000 units in any given model year, much of it by hand, it's numbers are less than many of the so called 'exotics' from Europe or Japan and less than 2 weeks production of the mass produced Corvette. The other aspect is that there is only 1 Viper. All Vipers are "ultra high output/performance". There isn't three versions as with the Corvette, standard, Z-06 & ZR-1, that to the untrained eye, look like the same car and infact are all based on the same car. A Viper AND Corvette owner Mike G.
by vipermike0217@optonline.net on Nov. 10, 2010 - 11:17 a.m.