Ford Fusion Article

First of all I want to say that I have been following you publication since the beginning, and I have always wanted to express how great I think this mag is, I love it, I love your fresh approach, the concept of it all, all the new ideas and new thoughts about all the aspects and the essence of a car and driving. Congratulations on creating what I personally consider the best automotive magazine. Now I must tell you that your las article about the Ford Fusion was terribly disappointing. It feels as if it was written by someone that works at Ford. I understand you need to support the car industry, its for a greater good, but supporting a design/marketing move so vulgar and tacky would speak very bad of your taste and appreciation. The fact is that Ford shamelessly copied the Aston Martin theme, in what can only be categorized as the same concept and principal behind all the chinese lookalike cars. The fact that consumers accept a regurgitated design is sad, but its very bad when journalists just ignore it or worst participate in making the costumers believe this is what it really isnt. This is not helping the industry, permitting such low moves an such lack of effort in design, can only translate into worst products and the more successful this is the worst our products design will be . Why would they go to all the trouble to make something better when people will buy it if it only pretends to be better. Please before continuing take a look at this image thats out in the internet: Everyone criticized chinese cars for vulgarly coping other brands, yet Ford has done the same and nobody says anything. Why should this be acceptably? Do you really think this is good for the industry? How bad and dumb would the new VW Golf look if it had the front end of the Porsche? You star your article praising the design of the Ford Fusion, but anybody that has the slightest idea or notion of good design knows this is vulgar and cheap. You liked the creases on the hood but I ask you to look at the image and see how its has all the same elements as the Aston, the the lines how the come down to mark the grill. This is definitely in the same league as the chinese copycats. And I can only wish you guys had the some cleverness when it comes to style and design as you do when it comes to driving. My best wishes for all of you at Winding Roads. And thanks for all the great reading
by g.r.b on Oct. 19, 2012 - 9:15 a.m.