Drag Racing

Attention Christopher Smith!! Yes, there is an activity called drag racing and thanks for including the form of motorsport that I have been involved in for over 30 yrs. However, I DO have a bone to pick with you. In your article, you mention that it's the easiest and cheapest form of motorsport to get involved in. Here's my bone....Just by reading that, I don't think even for a second that you have actually competed in an "official" drag race. Watching from the stands or even on TV can not convey the fact that there is so much more than just punching the gas, dumping the clutch and sprinting towards the finish line. There really are actual techniques that few can really master and it is not easy by any means. There are even schools that exist that even try to teach it. As for cheap...yes, you can bring your Grandma's Buick LeSabre and churn out some passes but in reality, the driver will eventually get a little semi-serious about laying down some quicker ETs and if so, then he'd better be ready to fork over some CASH and lots of it. Let's say he or she starts out and wanted to run slicks. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that slicks combined with a sticky starting line will eventually end up in snapping of axles and twisting rear suspension components. Spend that money! Clutch? Spend MORE money! Shifters? even more! See where this is going? At the basic bracket level, it can be somewhat affordable but it NEVER stays affordable for most. It's a disease...Eventually it becomes time to want to run quicker....If you'd like to "hop" up that stock engine into a semi-bad-ass? Look into your bank account and pull out a cool 10 grand at least. (I build engines for a lot of these racers so I know!!) Wanna get even more serious and have a car built - We'll call this a "chassis car" and it will set you back much more than 30 grand. How about a real race torque converter you automatic racers? Yup, another grand!! Get even more serious and you should have absolutely no issue spending 150 grand just on an engine! That is IF you and your car can even handle that kind of power and your able to actually find someone willing to build you this engine! I certainly would not say it is cheap by any means. Honestly, I have good friends who do autocross and they seem to spend much less than someone with a warmed over Camaro who hits the drag strip once a month. Sorry for "getting up on the tire" but unless you ACTUALLY do it....I suggest you try it first and THEN write the into to your article. See you in the glue!!!
by ProCar63 on Oct. 10, 2011 - 4:49 p.m.