Handicapped Needs

It probably isn't the sexiest topic around, but for special needs people like myself, I don't have the physical capacity to go waltzing from dealership to dealership, new and used to see if there is a vehicle that meets special needs for me. I'm sure that other handicapped also have special needs also. What follows are the special needs that I REALLY need and then special needs that I would LIKE to have. NEED: 1. I need a vehicle with a flat floor all the way to the from one side to the other. This is because a great many cars have "lips" that create "wells" in their design. When your legs don't work correctly, you have to lift them into the vehicle. Our current vehicle had a significant "lip" for the well. It also does not have a great deal of legroom from the passenger dash to the door when it is open (later topic) making it very difficult for me to get in or out of our car. Please don't mention trucks as no one makes a truly "small" truck anymore. They have all grown significantly in size and my wife won't drive them because she can't see out of them. 2. Doors that open nearly perpendicular to the side of the car and dashboards that don't try to have sex with you during the trip, however long or short. The lack of the first and the presence of the second also make it hard to get in and out when you are mobility impaired but not confined to a wheelchair and won't be until his legs can not linger support him and he falls down, even walking with a walker. 3. The ability to attach a 5-point hitch to the vehicle in preparation for that day when it becomes necessary to put a wheelchair on the back. I envision that as a distant possibility, but we don't but cars very often and keep the one we have in good mechanical condition. 4. Something that is easy to back up, see where curbs are, etc. That is the only way my wife will drive it. BTW, she is not a good driver and I can understand her desire for good visibility. 5. Money is a consideration for down payment and monthly payments. I get disability check and my wife works at a modest paying job. Credit is also an issue as I have had several surgeries and insurance, of course, leaves you with a huge deductible to pay which you don't have on our income. Well, I guess that wraps it up, As you can see, It is all needs and no wants. Any suggestions?
by GooseCreekJim on Dec. 16, 2010 - 9:53 a.m.