Would You Really Buy A Wagon?

At times, automotive marketers are an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Or just dumb. Practically every car maker says "oh, we don't have any wagons because they don't sell". But then somebody does a wagon and it is lame. So another OEM concludes "wagons don't sell". Really? I went to my Cadillac dealer last week to test a CTS wagon. The dealer says "oh, we had two of those. The first one sold right away, but then we couldn't give the second one away, so we're not ordering any more." The week before that, I went to my Audi dealer to try an A4 Avant. He says "we only get allocated two cars a year". But, I wondered, even if they did have the car would I buy one? They're both automatics, and I don't really want an auto. Hard to find an manual, and apparently dual-clutch transmissions aren't good for towing (though the light towing I'd do would work, but try to find a dual clutch wagon). So, if they made better wagons, would you really buy one? Or, what would it take to make a wagon good enough for you?
by dieselhead on Jan. 06, 2011 - 6:25 p.m.