Write an Article like a Pro by Following the 5 Expert Tips


If someone could ask me what academic writing is, I would reply that writing in all its forms is Art. Art is not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you write an essay, a blog, an article, a research paper, or even just a personal diary, all of them involve creativity and inventiveness, and a good piece of literature cannot be created without interest.


Article writing as a comprehensive academic literary section always stands out from all other fields of writing. Often being asked, “how do I write an article if I already have ideas about how to write my essay, are they the same?” No. Let me tell you, often confused between essay and article writing, articles don’t just begin with one argument and make the reader agree with their side of the story. It is a very technical yet scientific accomplishment if an essay writer writes an interesting scientific manuscript and gets his reader connected and satisfied as he gets along.



Articles that we read daily, if we are meant to look for some specific data, those articles are also written by writers like you and me. If you are a good essay writer and moving on to the next step of learning, you might have been assigned to write an article. You might think for a second that you might not be able to do it, and it is some sort of Herculean task to do. You might not be right. All you need to do is look for some guidance and learn some key steps to follow for article writing so that you just get done with it as soon as possible.


In the academic sphere, most essay writer online tend to spend time on the introduction of their essays. This allows them to grab the attention of the readers. Writing without any proper planning would force the writer to take more time in writing his/her piece. 


Let’s break the process of article writing for you into 5 simple steps that could save you from the anxiety and stress beforehand.


One of the basic qualities that an essay, as well as an article hold, is organization and coherence. A coherent and well-organized article is developed from the thoughts and analysis of a particular topic based on a specific issue. It is much needed to understand what you are writing before you start writing it. If you have made a hypothesis, you must outline, to finalize the procedure through which you are going to complete your article accordingly. An article is not only meant to proceed with research analysis and inform its readers and convince them, but also to interest the readers and the research analysts and peer reviewers of journals to get it published since “published” and “being cited” have some strange importance in the scientific field of career progression in writing.


I still remember when I had to beg an essay writer in my class to because essay writing was not fun at that time. Today, I live in a different era.


The introduction of an essay or article defines its fate. Writing an essay has a different pattern and a bit of a divergent structure as compared to an article. Your article is introduced by the title and the Abstract of it. The abstract is the basic crux of the argumentative discussion that you have proceeded with within your articleSo, the abstract must be the essence of your article. It must deliver some sense and purpose into the understanding of the readers. And as soon as the reader moves from Abstract towards the complete document, he must follow the given structure of the article in his text.

Keep in view the interest of your readers to help yourself better explore the topics your reader must be interested in.


Plagiarism is the most illegal act yet, one of the commonly practiced techniques in the modern world. Plagiarism or copy-pasting is an act that significantly destroys the essence of the text. If you find such good material that you want your readers to have a look at, you can simply cite the source in your text and provide it with an in-text citation as well.


The length of an essay or an article can never be a determinant of good and qualitative research processes. That does not necessarily mean that you perform cutting and editing to that level that even the actual essence and the meaning of the whole document also collapse. Instead, you must follow a balance between qualitative and quantitative research. Do not focus on length but the impact of the full message that the document was supposed to explore and provide to his readers.


Applying a suitable framework and proper style, format with formal interactive language for your topic of discussion can easily help you develop a good research article. Not a rocket science activity but simultaneously, not that much of an easy task it is. If any of you still needs guidance you can opt for some essay writing service to help and assist you thoroughly. Even if you are writing your article yourself, you still get minimal help by looking at sample articles papers provided by any such writing help companies.


Article writing might not be the same as any other essay writing but with given techniques and tips any essay writer can easily opt for article writing if he has the interest to develop his writing skills in the field of academic writing.



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