Restaurant cleaning: 4 of the dirtiest places that deserve extra attention

When people walk into a restaurant, they expect more than delicious food. They look forward to a clean and hygienic place, which will enhance their dining experience. Undoubtedly, cleanliness is the core value of every food place. If you are a restaurateur, you must ensure your restaurant is tidy and clean by availing professional office cleaning services. 

Some of the dirtiest areas in restaurants that deserve extra attention during the cleaning process are mentioned below. 

The tables at a restaurant are high-contact surfaces, which various people use. That is why it is impossible for tabletops to not harbour dirt, germs and grime. Even though your staff may clean it every day, they do it hurriedly without the right cleaning solution. Commercial cleaners can clean the tabletops deeply and ensure they are clean. 

After repeated use, sugar containers, ketchup bottles, and salt & pepper shakers can get gross and sticky. In the openings of these containers, germs and oil may build up and ruin the contents inside. Furthermore, unclean condiment containers may harbour bacteria, which can upset the stomach of the patrons. 

High chairs for toddlers and babies rank in the dirtiest areas in restaurants. Such seats are often in contact with diapers and the dirty hands of infants, and therefore, they are breeding grounds for bacteria and harmful germs. It would help if you enlisted a commercial cleaner to clean these chairs thoroughly, so kids don’t fall sick after visiting your restaurant. 

Bathrooms in commercial spaces like restaurants are typically found to be extremely dirty and gross. The bathroom floors might be stained and appear unappealing. Even if you ask your staff to sanitise, it will remain a hotbed of bacteria. You must hire commercial cleaning services and deep clean your restaurant bathroom. 

The door handles, sinks and refrigerators are other areas that demand special cleaning attention in a restaurant. If you’re struggling to keep your restaurant clean, turn to Spiffy Clean and enlist our office cleaning services. Get in touch, today! 


by sonnywhitford on Dec. 03, 2021 - 5:31 a.m.