General tips and tricks for submitting an essay


General tips and tricks for submitting an essay


First Steps


TIP #1: Think about something someone did for you that made you happy or grateful in an amazing way. How did that gratitude affect or motivate you?


This is a new addition to the Common App essay prompts; it replaces a question that has rarely been answered. It's a chance for students to think about the good things in their lives. The trick is to write this essay about yourself. Your grandmother, for example, may have done something great that helped you, but colleges don't want to accept your grandmother; they look for what makes a student worthy of being accepted. The second part of the question reveals what the committee members really want to  PayForEssay know; they want to know that the other person's actions helped the student develop in a positive way or motivated the student to do something.


This part should be frank and emotional, describing how you felt, how the other person's actions affected you, and what they inspired you to do. As with all questions, we recommend that students stay away from trivial and obvious things, such as a coach encouraging a student to play sports, even if the student wanted to quit. It is important for the reader to know what action motivated you, why it motivated you, how it motivated you, and what the result was.



TIP #2: Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that triggered a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.


In this prompt, "achievement," "event," and "realization" are open to interpretation. This directive includes everything from a formal event to an eye-opening thought. Remember, the admissions committee is waiting for a moment in your life that truly changed you as a person.


Everyone is different, so an event, accomplishment or realization can homework help geometry include anything from the moment you became a U.S. citizen (formally), to accomplishments such as winning an award, taking on great responsibility or winning an election, to taking on a cause or realizing. you are gay (informally). Other topics might be as simple as working with a mentor, visiting a relative's old neighborhood, or having a full meal. You know you've found the right story when it has elements of transition and transformation. The point of this essay is that the achievement, event, or realization helped you understand the world around you in a more adult way or made you "grow up." Make sure the admissions committee knows that you learned something that made you feel more capable, responsible, and/or self-aware.



TIP #3: Describe a topic, idea or concept that you find so fascinating that you lose all track of time. Why is it fascinating to you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more?

This question gives students an opportunity to share their passion. Students who choose this prompt should begin with how they first connected with their passion. The answer should also include what captivated them about the "topic, idea or concept" and prompted their interest in learning about it. Most importantly, students should describe how they learned more.


That last part is what admissions officers want to know. Where did you look when you wanted to buy a dissertation learn more? How creative were you in exploring your passion and how far into it did you go? Have you found a mentor? Take on a job that interests you? Start a club, organization or website? Make sure the reader really feels your passion. Don't choose something you think will impress the committee if it's not really your passion, if you're not a fiction writer or if you're not working with one.



TIP #4: Share an essay on any topic of your choice.

It can be one you've already written, one that responds to another prompt, or one of your own designs. If you have a story that doesn't fit any of the above queries, here's your chance to submit it. Make sure everything you write shows you in a bright light and includes some progressive, positive growth.


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