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Lortab is a drug that is formed by combining Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. This drug as a whole is taken for the treatment of pain in a human body. The medications that are taken in the formation are distinct from each other. Hydrocodone is categorized under opioid drugs and also sold in the market separately. Patents often take this drug to suppress the pain that is taking place in any of the body parts.

Similarly, the other drug, which is acetaminophen, has a different role. The other name for acetaminophen is Tylenol. Acetaminophen is not as strong as Lortab, but the working of the drug is quite the same. Doctors mostly prescribe acetaminophen for reducing fever and also as a mild to a moderate pain reliever.  


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The basic feature of Lortab is to get relieved from the pain that is occurring in the human body. The pain can be mild or moderately severe. There may also be other uses of Lortab that the health expert may recommend to their patients. Lortab is sold in the market by the name of other brand names.

When you notice any of these side effects taking place, report it to the health expert. Taking immediate help will help you not to get on the negative aspect of the drug. It is so because there have been cases where people are seen getting affected by the drug and developing symptoms that resulted in fatal.

One must take a recommendation from a health expert before using the drug. Properly prescribed medication will turn-down most of the severe side effects of this medicine.

The working of Lortab may be affected by some other drugs that the patient may have been taking since earlier. Otherwise, if you take Lortab separately, there will not be an issue with the use of it. There can be a number of drugs that may get in contact with Lortab and cause serious health problems.

The medicines that may interact with Lortab are –

There may also be other medicines that may interact with Lortab and result in severe conditions. Therefore, it is always a suggestion for the patients to buy Lortab after getting a prescription from the doctor.

We have listed for you some of the safety measures that you must follow before taking the drug –



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