WR TV: 2015 Ford F-150 - Detroit 2014 Walkaround

By Winding Road Staff

January 28, 2014

As America's best selling full-size pickup for decades, we wouldn't be surprised to find out that the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 is on more than a few shortlists for those cross-shopping new tow vehicles for trailers and the like. Sporting a tougher look and aluminum construction, the new truck sheds a lot of weight and adds a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost to its lineup of motors available for the 2015 model year. 
Here, Multimedia Editor Chris Amos gives us a closer look at the new F-series from stem to stern at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month. Don't forget to check out our overview page for the 2015 Ford F-150 for additional details as well. 


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