WR TV: 2014 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Silverado Reaper

By Bradley Iger

November 12, 2014

While we were out at Willow Springs for the MPG Track Days event we had a chance to take the Lingenfelter Reaper around a dirt course to check out the various modifications that the tuning company has made to the Silverado. Lingenfelter has designed the Reaper as something of an answer to the Ford F-150 Raptor, taking the already very capable Silverado Z71 and transforming it into a truly brawny pick-up for on and off-road duty.

Reaper modifications to the stock Silverado include a new front clip, a high clearance bumper with a reinforced skip plate, a 3-inch Fox Racing suspension system that provides 9.2 inches of travel in the front and 11.2 in the rear, Corsa Performance exhaust, 20-inch Reaper wheels with 33-inch all-terrain tires, custom gauges and Lingenfelter interior treatments. 17-inch beadlock wheels, Reaper graphic wrap and a Magnuson TSV1900 supercharger are all on the options sheet as well.
Our tester had a particularly raucous exhaust note due to another overzealous journalist who managed to damage the Corsa cat-back exhaust system. The solution? Ditch the exhaust – a surprisingly tolerable situation as it turns out.
The bolstered suspension made short work of the off-road course, dispatching ruts, large rocks, and steep inclines and declines with no drama whatsoever. We’d love to see how the Reaper fares on a high speed off-road course, as that seems to be the primary design intention of the truck, but regardless, we like what we’ve experienced so far:
The Chevrolet Reaper is available in three versions ranging from the mid-$50s for the base version to the mid-$60s for the fully optioned supercharged Reaper, and is available at select Chevrolet Dealers. Check out www.reaperperformanceusa.com for more information. 

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