Winding Road Video: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

By John Beltz Snyder

November 06, 2013

When Ford released the new Focus ST, we found it to be a seriously entertaining ride with the sporty credibility to back up the ST badge. Now, Multimedia Editor Chris Amos has gotten time behind the wheel of its little brother, the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.
And, of, course, Chris brought along the video equipment to give us a good look at the small, rorty hatchback in action.
First, we get up close and personal with the Fiesta ST. We see its petite dimensions from all angles, hear its 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine rev a few times, and get a gander at its driver-focused cockpit.
See for yourself in the video below.

Next, we get the great behind-the-wheel footage that makes us almost feel like we’re the ones scooting around in the happy little hatchback. Put on your headphones if you’ve got ‘em. Mr. Amos has a knack of capturing that fabulous, engrossing sound for you.

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