Video: When Brakes Fail, Excess Excitement Occurs

By Winding Road Staff

January 25, 2017

This video was suggested to us by a reader. It shows Michael Mosty, in a NASA CMC race at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Mosty, a fixture of CMC racing in the southwest, loses a brake line while setting up a pass. Our hearts skipped a beat just watching the video, so we can only imagine what he was thinking at the time. Fortunately someone had pointed out the escape route to the right, at some point earlier, so when he had the failure he executed wonderfully and managed to avoid hitting the other cars and any other solid objects. His competitors were thankful for his quick reaction.

Failures occur on race cars and no one can check everything, but this is a good reminder that your brake system is really, really important. A regular check of lines and fittings is in order. And if you aren't using a racing brake fluid (e.g. Castrol SRF), even for track days, you're probably taking an unnecessary risk. We have seen too many cars totaled for lack of these basic steps.