Update: Ferrari LaFerrari Driven on Street and Track

By Bradley Iger

May 01, 2014

With the battle already well underway between the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1, many have been wondering when Ferrari would finally unleash its own hybrid powered hypercar so we could find out how it stacks up against the competition. That day has finally come.
"You won't believe me but, what's amazing about this is out easy it is to drive," says CAR's Chris Chilton, right before throwing the LaFerrari into full opposite lock at Ferrari's Fiorano test track. Both CAR and EVO are quick to commend the LaFerrari's impressive manageability. "It feels like a 1000bhp 458 Italia", says Chilton.
EVO's also comments that the LaFerrari's brakes have trumped the best Porsche has to offer on the 918 by harvesting the regenerative braking energy even during moments of ABS intervention for more ideal efficiency. However, in terms of brake feel, while the LaFerrari beats the Porsche, it still can't quite match the McLaren P1, which does not use regenerative braking at all.
EVO also notes that the steering is "quick, but not jumpy", making it easier to perform one clean input from turn-in to apex to exit, rather that making a series of small corrections along the way.  
So who wins the battle of the hybrid hypercars? Both outfits proclaim that they are withholding their verdicts until they can put together a comprehensive comparison test between the three, and with this much raw performance and cutting edge technology on tap from each, we can't say we blame them. In the meantime, we'll just have to drool over this pair of videos below until that day is upon us. 


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