Update: Evo Drives BMW i8

By John Beltz Snyder

August 14, 2013

Evo has gotten an early drive of the BMW i8 prototype in northern Sweden, and has shared their thoughts on the car long before it even goes into production.
The ride was limited, but the folks at Evo were able to share some thoughts on the i8. When driving, there is a whine from the three-cylinder motor, but it isn’t what one would consider bad. They describe it as sounding a bit like an early Porsche 911.
According to Evo, “There’s more understeer than expected on initial turn-in, but the engineers think this can be dialed out before customer cars are delivered.” They note a low center of gravity and a good sense of balance.
The electric-only mode offers a quite drive, which is described in the video as “uncanny.”
To sum it up, Evo says, “Think of it as a downsized Porsche 918 for a tenth of the price.”
Click here to read the full write-up over at Evo’s website, or scroll down to see their informative video driving in snowy Sweden. Read more of our coverage of the BMW i8 on our Master Landing Page.