Update: CG-Lock Performance Seatbelt Add-On

By John Beltz Snyder

September 17, 2013

We have had the chance to try out the CG-Lock, and can confirm this: it’s great!
For one, it really keeps your hips in place under hard cornering, and it feels as though the driver is far less affected by lateral g forces. This makes cornering—particularly stitching corners together—much easier and far less dramatic.
The second huge benefit to the CG-Lock is that you feel more connected to the car. Having your butt firmly pinned to the seat means more direct and more continuous feedback.
Without the distraction of trying to hold yourself in place, you have more mental bandwidth to focus on what you’re doing and what is going on between car and road. In our test, this meant better gauging the car’s limits and our proximity to them.
Furthermore, it was simple to install, taking just a couple minutes (the CG-Lock comes with the sole tool you need to attach it—a small hex wrench). It’s also easy to deactivate (with a built-in lever) essentially turning it back into a normal seatbelt on demand.
Get your CG-Lock in the Winding Road Racing store.