Update: Aston Martin Officially Unveils the Lagonda

By Bradley Iger

October 01, 2014

After teasing us for months about their new, extremely limited production super sedan, Aston Martin has taken the wraps off the Lagonda, and “luxurious” doesn’t even begin to describe the level of opulence on hand in Aston Martin’s newest four seater.
With a length of nearly 18 feet and a wheelbase that’s almost a foot longer than the Rapide, the Lagonda offers head and legroom that’s on par with cars like the long wheelbase versions of the Mercedes S-Class and Rolls Royce Ghost. But before you dismiss the Lagonda as a slow-moving land yacht, it’s been reported that the vehicle’s all carbon fiber body has resulted in a curb weight that’s no more than the Rapide, and combined with the 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 (which may be outputting as much as 600 horsepower in this configuration) it’s said to be enough to push the sizable four door past 175 mph in high speed testing.  
But where the Lagonda truly sets itself apart from the typical notions of luxury are found in the cabin. Built by Aston Martin’s Q Branch – the same outfit responsible for the limited production One-77 hypercar – the Lagonda features intricate detail work throughout the interior, highlighted by the elaborate diamond stitching and exceptionally high quality materials found throughout.
On a recent ride along in a prototype, one of the VIP clients responsible for the project’s inception has been quoted as saying that “it’s literally like you’re gliding on the road” when traveling at speed in the Lagonda.
While deliveries of the Lagonda are schedule to begin in the first quarter of 2015, pricing remains a mystery. We do know that it will be on offer only to buyers in the Middle East and on an invitation-only basis. With solid gold switchgear and badges on the options list, it’s safe to assume the sticker price will be fairly substantial.
Be sure to check out the gallery for a closer look at Aston Martin’s new super sedan and its sumptuous interior.