The Winding Road Racing Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

By Winding Road Staff

November 18, 2020


We at Winding Road Racing have put together a comprehensive holiday gift guide to help folks choose gifts for that special racer, track day enthusiast, time attacker, autocrosser, rallycrosser, etc. in their life. Or, treat yourself, either way.


We mixed it up quite a bit; does your niece keep complaining about wearing the inside shoulder of her tires faster than the outside? The Longacre Infrared Laser Pyrometer would be of assistance with solving that. Is your son rolling up to the track with ten different articles of flame-retardant clothing in five different bags? Scope out the Sparco Travel Roller Bag.


We’ve arranged them in eight separate categories – check out the following highlights from each of them!



Under $100


The Hunsaker Sportsman 5-Gallon quick-fill fuel jug is a great piece of equipment for anyone who’s dedicating more than a couple hours to an event. Having plenty of fuel on-hand is never a bad thing (well, at least in the sense of getting through a weekend’s events), and also helps racers avoid paying lofty fuel prices at the track.



Under $200


Sparco’s Arrow racing gloves are some of the best gloves we sell; they’re lightweight and breathable, have great grip material, are externally-sewn for comfort and longevity, and look snazzy, too!



Under $300


The G-Force Rift SA2020 racing helmet is a great value for a closed-face helmet: good eye port, comfortable interior, good breathability, and all at a great price. It would be at home on anyone’s head, from crew, to first-time-autocrosser, to seasoned veteran.



Under $500


One of our favorite harnesses is the Sabelt Silver Series Enduro 6-Point. The adjusters are easy to use, it comes with both pull-up and pull-down lap belts, the all-metal camlock is built tough, the big grab-handles make adjustment a cinch, and it even has grip material under the shoulder belts to help it stay on any head-and-neck restraint.



Under $1,000


Speaking of head-and-neck restraint, scope out the Necksgen REV2 Carbon. It’s based on the best-selling REV2 Lite, except its even lighter. It accommodates both 3- and 2-inch shoulder belts, is SFI approved, and includes anchors.



Under $2,000


Looking to match lightweight with lightweight? The Stilo ST5 GT Carbon SA2020 helmet is a full-carbon helmet that’s one of our top sellers. Its comfortable padding, stylish looks, great breathability, and is quite versatile: add communications, side-air, top-air, side-water, aero, and more with ease!



Under $5,000


Racing in a series were the high-level FIA 8860 tag is required, or just want the safest of the safe wrapped around your head? Check out the Stilo ST5 GT 8860 helmet; it has all the benefits of the non-8860, and same weight!



Under $50,000


We’ve marketed our 2021 Spec MX-5 builds quite a bit lately, so why not slap a big red bow on one? These things most likely pull more lateral Gs than Santa’s sleigh, and utilize horsepower instead of reindeerpower.

Disclaimer: real-world testing between a Spec MX-5 car and Santa’s sleigh had to be postponed due to COVID travel restrictions.


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