The Best Value in Forced Air Helmets: SA2020 HJC H70

By Winding Road Staff

December 03, 2020


At Winding Road Racing we’re often asked by folks to recommend an inexpensive, comfortable, and forced air-ready helmet. These customers often have fresh air systems in their enduro cars, or they do a lot of off-road racing, or just want forced air capability as an option for future upgrades.


There aren’t a whole lot of helmets out there that tick all of the boxes as comfortable, forced air-ready, and have some flexibility built in. What do we mean by that? Helmets that can easily accept communications and/or drink tubes, and also have removeable cheek pads and head liners for cleaning. Luckily, HJC has them covered (pun intended).


The HJC H70 is a brand-new SA2020 FIA 8859-2015 composite helmet with all of the above features, plus we find its quality of materials and fit to be very good. For just about $550, customers get a helmet that includes the forced air piece, vent plugs, front vent cover, and even a rear spoiler. This means customers don’t have to buy these pieces separately, and it can be sealed up nicely to keep dirt out, or opened up for maximum venting. Plus, with its included rear spoiler its open-wheel-friendly! As always with SA2015 and newer helmets, it has backing plates built-in to accept all head and neck restraint anchors. This helmet’s flexibility and build quality is quite good for the price.


Check it out here in our store, and feel free to reach out with any questions!, 512-994-0656.