The Best Kill Switch

By Winding Road Staff

November 14, 2019


The dFuser kill switch is costly, but has several major advantages:

  • Clean, tidy install
  • Toggle switch can be easily mounted anywhere (many kill switches and big and clunky and require dedicated space)
  • Solenoid operated, so that the driver/emergency switch runs low current and the working high-current switch is mounted near the battery, reducing the amount of expensive, heavy-gauge wiring running through the vehicle
  • Provides a clean switchable power lead for accessories
  • Additional switch can be mounted in series to meet certain sanctioning body requirements for external (safety worker) and internal (driver) switching


It comes with a detailed wiring diagram, reducing the chance of any mistakes being made (we see many incorrectly wired kill switches).


You can buy the dFuser kill switch from Winding Road Racing online or in our stores in Southern California, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas.


Visit us online at and in stores in Southern California, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas.