The Best Intro To Corner Balancing: Longacre AccuSet II 1500 Lb. Computerscales

By Peter Nelson

November 19, 2020


Now that Winter is rapidly approaching, and racing enthusiasts around the country are beginning to enter build season (also known as Racer Hibernation), it’s a good time to work on getting one’s suspension dialed for the first event of next year. Or, if you’re in the Southwest, you’re scrambling almost year-round to prep for events.


Regardless of what your track schedule looks like, one piece of prep equipment that’s invaluable in build season, but really all-year-round, is a good set of scales. There are many kinds at varying price points, but to keep things simple to setup and budget-friendly, we’d like to talk about Longacre’s AccuSet II Computerscales.


This is a wired set, which can be annoying to untangle, but if you keep the wires organized and don’t want to fiddle with connecting to Bluetooth, they work great. The unit with weight readouts comes in a padded, metal case with room for the wires, and the four scales can support up to 1500 lbs. each, which covers pretty much everything that people are racing these days (unfortunately, Spec Lincoln Continental Mark V hasn’t become a thing yet).


The screen itself is easy enough to read, though reading from afar inside a car can be tough. Toggling between screens is a breeze (ok why is there so much rhyming in this paragraph thus far) with one button to switch between all four wheels’ weight plus cross weight, and one screen shows partial percentage.


Racers can also set a baseline in the computer’s stored memory and recall it for later, which is incredibly valuable for those of us who take a bit longer than usual to dial things in (such as this author).


All of the hardware is tough as well; in addition to the computer being housed in a metal and padded case, the wires are heavy duty and have billet AN connectors. The scales themselves are quite heavy, but only because they’re tough and incredibly durable. We wouldn’t use them as wheel chocks for a semi-truck or chop wood on top of them, but they can withstand the abuses of wrenching in a garage or being lugged and dragged around in the pit.


Check ‘em out in our store, and while you’re at it, scope out all of the other items we sell for car prep! Whether you’re a weekend warrior burning the midnight oil to prep for a practice on Saturday morning, or a full-service shop aligning cup cars, there’s something for you!