The Best Fire Suits For Large Drivers

By Winding Road Staff

November 04, 2016

For some people, finding a race suit that fits is tough. The manufacturers have to pick average blends of chest, waist, arm length, leg length and leg-torso ratios. But some people just aren't average. And, if you are a size 3XL, finding a racing suit that fits can be an even bigger challenge, partly because there are so few choices. 
Entry Level
If you are a large driver we can recommend the Alpinestars Knoxville suit.  It comes in a size 66, accommodates chest sizes over 48 inches and waist sizes above 44 inches. Conveniently, it is one of our least expensive suits. 
GForce also offers two 3XL suits, the GF 745 and GF 525 if the design of the Knoxville doesn't appeal to you. 
One issue with suits like the Knoxville and the GForce GF 745 and 535 is that they are relatively heavy and therefore not ideal in hot weather. Above the entry level, Sparco makes a very nice suit called the Lunagrid RS-6, which is available in a size 66. Our pro team drivers wear this suit and, we have to say, it looks pretty fancy and is relatively light weight. 
The other issue for larger drivers is that suit manufacturers grow the length (height) of the suit as they increase the "diameter" (chest and waist). So, some larger drivers will find an off the rack suit is too long when they get a size that fits in the waist and chest. For these drivers, we recommend the Chicane Racewear Custom Fire Suit.
The Chicane suit is more expensive, but it is made-to-measure which helps immensely with fit. It is also light weight and comes with custom embroidery and colors, so you'll look rather spiffy on the podium. These suits take less than a month to make, once your design is finalized. Our suit design centers in Texas and California can help you work through the design process pretty quickly as well.