Survey: Your Preferred Ways To Reduce Race Car Cost

By Todd Therkildsen

April 04, 2018

Just about everyone who races will acknowledge that racing is an expensive sport. Realistically, even if you do all your own mechanical work, when you race multiple times per year you end up spending thousands of dollars on tires and fuel and entry fees.

One factor which we find many drivers don't explicitly take into account is the cost of the car itself. We're not talking about purchase price, but rather, depreciation and mechanical repair. If you build a new Spec Miata for $30,000, it will be worth $15,000 a few years later. And you probably will have spent thousands buying parts (e.g. clutch, transmission, hubs, refreshed engine etc).

In this reader survey, we are interested in your thoughts about whether and how to reduce the cost of your race car.

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