Setup Basics: Installing Harnesses

By Peter Nelson

May 16, 2019

We’ve been getting questions about DIY harness installation at the Southern California store a bit lately, so we thought it would be great to bring this link to everyone’s attention: SFI’s Seatbelt Installation Guide* For Upright Seating (Up to 25-degree Recline Seat Back Angle).

Who better to refer to for getting your angles right than the SFI Foundation? In this PDF they go into detail on the proper angles for shoulder, lap, and sub belts, as well as how to properly wrap around bars. There’s some technical anatomy jargon which may require a little assistance from a dictionary; props to their thoroughness.

Most harness manufacturers include instructions with their products as well. We have an article to help folks determine the best harness for their application, and a large variety in our store.

A popular harness at our Southern California store is the Sabelt Enduro Silver Series 6-Point. It’s very comfortable, has nice big pull-down straps on the shoulder belts, and has head and neck restraint-friendly silicone grip on the underside. Plus, it comes with both pull-up and pull-down lap belts; you’ve got to appreciate the flexibility. Pay close attention next time you watch F1; a few teams use the same harness, too.