Saving Money: When More Is Less

By Winding Road Staff

March 15, 2017

2018 Update: the Schroth Profi II harness is no longer available. We recommend the Schroth Flexi 2 x 2 Racing Harness as a replacement. Full review coming soon!


The great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is well-known not just for his buildings but for his aphorism "Less is more". He was a fan of simplicity. Like all aphorisms, "Less is more" made a point, but didn't apply universally. Another architect, Robert Venturi, had a nifty retort to van der Rohe: "Less is a bore".

In our work with racers, we sometimes see an attempt to save money that ends up costing more. You've probably been there and we have too. We've skimped on donor cars, only to replace entire drivetrains. We recently worked on a low-cost build from another shop that required so much work that the savings were completely nullified and the driver missed multiple weekends of racing because the low-cost effort took so long. Sometimes "More is less".

In that spirit, we want to kick off a new series that covers some products and services that may save you money in the long run. First up is a simple item, the Schroth Profi II harness. The Profi II costs a little more (maybe $200 over lower cost harnesses), but it brings some potential cost savings to the table:

  • 2" lap belts for added safety (rides pelvic crest to allow greater tightening)
  • Lap belts can be switched from pull up to pull down (and back).
  • No sewn ends, which means it can also be snap in, bolt in, or wrapped (shoulders)
  • FIA tags give this harness 5 years of certification rather than two years (SFI)

If you're the kind of driver who changes cars periodically and you want that added measure of safety, the Profi II could be your most cost-effective answer.

To buy the Profi II, check out our harness store.