Save the Date: AiM Sports Data Training

By Winding Road Staff

January 02, 2019

Winding Road Racing will host a two-day AiM training seminar on February 23 and February 24, 2019 in our Austin, TX location. The seminars will be presented by Roger Caddell, AiM Sports National Training Manager.

The core principle of all AiM Sports LearnFast™ data training is to reveal that data acquisition will allow the user to determine what the vehicle is doing, when it is doing it and why it is doing it while using AiM Sports hardware and software.

This AiM Sports LearnFast™ data seminar has been designed to be very interactive with real examples of actual racing data. This seminar is not just a lecture, AiM Sports National Training Manager Roger Caddell invites questions and comments from attendees and has found that group discussion helps everybody understand the information being delivered more fully.

Seminar: Practical Data Analysis

This seminar will cover:

  • What is Data Acquisition
  • Why Use Data Acquisition
  • How to Use Data Acquisition
  • Data Hardware and Installation
  • Introducing the Race Studio Software
  • Practical Data Analysis
  • SmartyCam HD Video

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019

Location: 2500 McHale Ct, Suite 100A, Austin, TX 78758

Time: 9am – 4pm

Price: $40

Seminar: Advanced Data Analysis

This workshop will cover:

  • Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Advanced Race Studio Topics
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Workshop Format

Important: To attend this advanced session, you must have a solid working knowledge of AiM Sports Software as LearnFast™ workshop will not be discussing basic information but rather complex AiM Sports software functions and deep data analysis.

Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019

Location: 2500 McHale Ct, Suite 100A, Austin, TX 78758

Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: $80

Registration for both seminars can be done here.


We will also hold these seminars at the Winding Road Racing store in Orange County, California on September 28-29, 2019. More info and registration here