Rumors: Honda Civic Type R Coming to the US

By Bradley Iger

December 15, 2014

For many years now, Honda enthusiasts stateside have had to watch from the sidelines as European buyers hooned around the countryside in the hot-blooded Civic Type R while we had to make do with the Si model as the sportiest iteration available. But that might be about to change.
Spanish site Motor Y Racing reports that sources close to Honda have confirmed that a Type R version of the fourth generation Civic is bound for the US for the first time in the model’s history. The sportiest of Civics is expected to a pack either a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder motor making between 276 and 320 horsepower or a warmed-over version of the HPD-supercharged CR-Z’s hybrid powertrain.
Logic dictates that the US version of the Type R would also likely include beefed up suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, and of course the requisite visual flair.
Whether such a Civic would appear as a coupe, sedan or hatchback remains unclear at this time, but currently in the US the Civic is not offered in a three or five-door configuration, so it’s likely we’d see it in either coupe or sedan form.
Regardless of what shape it takes, a Civic Type R would likely go a long way for American Honda enthusiasts who’re currently starving for high performance offerings from the automaker.