Rumor: Subaru WRX Wagon Caught Testing

By Winding Road Staff

September 03, 2014

After a stint behind the wheel of the new WRX late last year, we were properly enamored with the new Subie - expect for the notable lack of a 5-door variant. At the time, Subaru told us that development costs forced them to choose between one body style or the other, and the sedan prevailed. To us, the availability of the wagon configuration of the WRX was one of the car's strongest assets, and its absence hasn't gone unnoticed by enthusiasts either, many of which cried foul upon discovering that the fast hauler wasn't in the cards for 2015. But we had a strong suspicion that a wagon layout of the new WRX would eventually find its way into showrooms sooner or later, and as Automobile's spy photographers appear to have uncovered, it looks like our hunch was on the money.
Some key elements differentiate this model from a standard Impreza. Most notable perhaps is the inclusion of the more aggressive front fascia from the WRX sedan as well as the scooped hood which feeds cold air to the intercooler of the turbocharged model. The WRX wagon/hatchback appears to still be in the preliminary stages of testing though, as this prototype still wears the wheels and tires of the standard Impreza, and lacks the uprated dual exhaust, wider body kit and rear fascia of the WRX. We'll keep you updated on developments of the new WRX 5-door as we have them.