Rumor: Ford GT Successor Currently in Development

By Winding Road Staff

October 03, 2014

Sources indicate that preparations could be underway for Ford’s factory GT program to return to Le Mans in 2016 – the 50th anniversary brand’s victory at the famed circuit with the Ford GT40 Mk II. And if Ford returns to the Le Mans with an entry in the GT class, it’s going to need a new car to race with. So, what does Ford have to say about the rumor?
Road and Track recently sat down with Ford Racing boss Jamie Allison and asked him if a Ford GT LM24 project was in the works:
“Our focus right now is, obviously, finishing the season on a high note at Petit Le Mans,” he said.  “Our focus is also working with our partners.  I do look forward into a future of some of the classes in the sport, including the P2 we just talked about.  We really have our near-term lenses on our participating in the sport and that’s really the scope that we are focused on.
“Anything beyond that would be strictly endeavoring into… just propagating something that is not within the scope of what we focus on. In our realm and in the world of sports-car racing, [we’re] really focused on our EcoBoost-powered DP and focusing on the season here as it comes to an exciting end at Petit Le Mans.”
While this is a far cry from confirmation regarding the development of a new Ford GT, what it isn’t is an outright denial of it.
As far as the potential timing for a high profile announcement like a new Ford GT, the 2015 Detroit Auto Show – a mere three months away – seems like a likely candidate. Stay tuned for updates as we have them.
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