Review: Icona Vulcano

By Winding Road Staff

April 23, 2013

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First Look: Icona Vulcano
Italian/Chinese design house Icona has revealed its Vulcano supercar in Shanghai.
The Vulcano features a V-12 engine up front, plus two electric motors, powering the rear wheels. The two-seater should be capable of hitting a top speed of about 217 miles per hour, with a sprint to 124 mph to happen in less than 10 seconds.
And while the press release from Icona doesn’t get into further specifics, according to Gizmag, there will actually be two variants of the Vulcano. The Vulcano H-Turismo uses that aforementioned V-12/elecrtic motor combination for a total of 950 horsepower. A four-wheel drive H-Competizione variant will feature a biturbocharged V-6 (with the electric motors up front) for a total of 870 horsepower.
The waters are muddied a bit when we take into account this placard from the auto show (via Autoblog), which offers slightly different performance figures than those from Gizmag.
What we do know, though, is that this is a special car, that will no doubt be very fast. Its combination of high power and extensive use of lightweight materials will see to that. From the photos, we can see that the interior appears very high-tech, as well as high-quality. We’ll definitely be keeping our ear to the ground for more details about the Vulcano.
Scroll down for more details in the press release, below.
A one-off supersports car, coachbuilt in Italy and designed by Icona, the Italian design house based in Shanghai
Italy, 20 March 2013: Icona reveals the first teaser of the Icona Vulcano ( This new supercar will be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show next April.
The Icona Vulcano brings together different skills and expertise of a very Italian tradition. The powertrain is the work of well-known Claudio Lombardi, former powertrain technical director of Ferrari and mastermind of numerous world champion cars: a front engine V12 two-door two-seater car, reaching up to 900 horsepower through a masterful combination of combustion engine and electric motors. The top speed will be around 350 km/h, and 0-200 km/h will be under ten seconds.
Alongside its astonishing performance and pedigree, the design of the Icona Vulcano is an evolution of the very advanced form language which was first introduced on the Icona Fuselage concept in 2011 by Samuel Chuffart, Icona's design director. The aim of the design approach is to express the amazing capabilities of this extremely powerful car, while maintaining harmonious and generous shapes: bringing together the Beauty and the Beast.
Talented young French designer Samuel Chuffart brings exceptional international experience to his role as design director of Icona. During his eight year tenure at Nissan Design in Europe and the US, Mr. Chuffart played an instrumental role in the creation and realization of the Nissan DNA which is known today. Mr. Chuffart then moved to Jaguar-Land Rover, before being selected for the position of Chief Designer at a leading design house in Italy in 2008, successfully developing numerous production cars soon to be seen on the road.
Claudio Lombardi is one of the most successful Italian motor engineers: racing director of Lancia that won seven World Rally Championships with 037 Rally and Delta S4 from 1982 to 1991, powertrain technical director of Ferrari for Formula One and GT cars from 1991 to 2000, and project leader of Aprilia to win the Superbike World Championship in 2010 with Max Biaggi, using one of the most powerful and light engines ever developed in its category. In the last two years Lombardi founded AIPA to develop different powertrain concepts to make the most of the combination of combustion engines and electric motors for innovative integral powertrain.
Icona Vulcano
Auto Shanghai 2013: Official Icona Vulcano 


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