Race Communications: Speakers vs. Ear Buds

By Jeff Sexton

August 15, 2017

Often one of the most easily over looked details in racing is teamwork. A driver being able to communicate back and forth with the crew is essential to on-track strategy. Today we will dive deeper into two different options a driver has for hearing communication from the team, helmet speakers and ear buds.

Ear buds are one of the most popular pieces for communication. Ear Buds offer lightweight audio performance in a range of types and styles including foam ear phones to semi-custom ear buds that fit into the natural form of your ear. The benefit of ear buds is that they block out much of the exterior noise from the car and wind as you’re racing around at speed or sitting idle waiting to be released on to the track. This allows communication to be heard more clearly and provides crucial hearing protection. Ear buds typically range from $25 to $200 depending on quality of product. Things to consider when purchasing ear buds are: will this ear bud be comfortable in my ear with a helmet on, does this ear bud sit well in my ear, does this ear bud offer superior hearing protection, and does this ear bud seem durable?

Winding Road Racing Ear Buds for Drivers

For drivers in quieter cars, in-helmet speakers are the preferred choice. In-helmet speakers offer a way to hear communication without having to put any buds into your ear. Newer helmets have built in ear cups to place helmet speakers for clear communication. Things to consider when purchasing helmet speakers are: will this speaker work with my helmet, is my car quiet enough for speakers to be the desirable option, do I plan on driving any other louder cars?

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