Race Communications: Speedcom Helmet Kits

By Jeff Sexton

October 27, 2020


Communication while on track between the driver and the crew could mean the difference between winning and not. Equipping your driver with a good helmet kit is key to ensuring clear and continued communications between the driver and the team. Winding Road Racing offers the top of the line SpeedCom Helmet Kit. The kit allows the driver to hear and speak to his/her team, is rugged and durable, and is easy to install.


Speedcom Helmet Kit



  • Mono 1/8” headphone jack (To connect your ear buds)
  • Choice of IMSA or NASCAR style plug
  • Choice of M101 or RTM Microphone
  • Choice of straight or coiled cord


Microphone Options

With the Speedcom Helmet Kit, racers can choose between the industry standard M101 and the industry premium RTM Microphones.

The M101 is the standard of racing microphones and offers dynamic noise cancelling while the RTM delivers superior performance over any other microphone on the market. The RTM cancels up to 95% background noise and diffuses the ambient sound waves away from the microphone element.


Cord Options

Choose between either a straight or coiled cord based on your car’s location of the radio plug connector. Straight cords are primarily used in sprint racing, formula cars, and stock cars, while the coiled cord is primarily used in endurance racing and sports cars.


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