Product Review: OMP Racing Gloves

By Luciana D'Andretta

May 04, 2017

Every race car driver knows that gloves are a safety essential. But beyond the requirements needed to pass tech, a great racing glove design can go a long way with helping with steering wheel grip and driver comfort (especially helpful during endurance racing).

This week, racing safety equipment expert Shawn Stout talks about a Winding Road Racing bestseller: OMP One-S racing gloves.

The new and modern design of these gloves have both external seams and pre-curved fingers, which maximizes driver comfort. Additionally, One-S gloves have a silicon rubber palm for optimal grip and sensitivity. The fire-retardant palms also are designed in such a way to decrease bunching while driving.

These FIA/SFI-rated gloves are available in sizes from extra small to extra-large, and in 5 color options: black/white, dark blue/white, yellow/back, red/white, and white/black.

You’ll find a large selection of OMP racing gloves online at and in any of our four retail locations (including our newest location at Thunderhill Raceway).