Product Review: Alpinestars GP Pro Auto Racing Suit

By Luciana D'Andretta

December 16, 2016

In today’s video product review, Winding Road Racing’s product expert Maelstrom Kiewiet, talks about why we like the Alpinestars GP Pro auto racing suit: 

To summarize the benefits of the FIA/SFI-rated Alpinestars GP Pro fire suit:

  • Stretch Lumbar and Side Panels: The Nomex stretch panels give racers unrestricted movemement
  • Internal Flat Seams: The internal seams are produced using a flat method, which help reduce pressure points from your racing seat, harnesses and head and neck restraints.
  • Anatomically Constructed: The GP Pro is anatomically constructed, using pre-curved arms and legs so the suit fits naturally when seated in your race car.
  • Added Padding: Alpinestars has added padding in the shoulder area to provide cushioning from your head and neck restraint.
  • Ultra-lightweight: This 3-layer suit is constructed with ultra-lightweight materials, rivaling suits that cost in excess of $1500 or more.
The Alpinestars GP Pro auto racing suit is available in four different color combinations and in sizes up to 60. Racers can find this suit and other Alpinestars racing suits in any of our three retail locations or on