Pioneering Racing Gloves - A Racer’s New Best Friend?

By Guest Contributor

June 23, 2021


OMP’s One EVO X Racing Gloves


In line with Kimi Räikönnen’s infamous: “Just leave me alone I know what I’m doing,” OMP has taken their opportunity to prove that they themselves can take control with their pioneering One EVO X Racing Gloves.


The Technology

OMP technology is revamped in these gloves offering ultra-thin external seams with color match and a slanted cut to improve performance mobility. Honeycomb detailing allows for breathability and reduces hand sweat while ball-point silicone inserts upgrade steering grip in any environment.


Racer Experience

We had a range of experienced racers try the new One EVO X, and they were immediately pleased by the soft material. They noted the especially compliant fabric which offers an excellent sense of touch accompanied by obviously superior breathability (“anything to keep cooler” was our favorite quote of the day). Designed for the driver, by the driver: OMP’s One EVO X Racing Gloves.