Major Advances In F1 Safety Technology For Drivers And What It Means For The Rest Of Us

By Peter Nelson

February 18, 2020

Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images


Motorsports safety equipment is always evolving and becoming more and more advanced every year. Not just from a comfort and breathability standpoint, but from a technological one as well. One brand we proudly carry, Alpinestars, has gone above and beyond to tailor to F1 and Moto GP racers’ needs – not just in comfort, but for saving weight and keeping an eye on drivers as well.


Similar to how professional cyclists utilize expensive, high-tech materials to save every single gram, F1 drivers have a radical equipment strategy. Though we should note that  the strategy goes a even further in F1, as the concern is not just weight but overall comfort to promote focus and concentration. The utmost level of fire protection is also essential in cars where large quantities of volatile fluids and heat are involved.


This video with accompanying article on does a great job at highlighting these comfort, weight, and technology aspects behind safety equipment, and how Alpinestars has been developing equipment over the years to be at the top. What’s even more interesting, is since they’ve developed technology as advanced as airbag Moto GP equipment, they’re currently working on ways to monitor F1 drivers’ bodies to ensure they’re at peak health and performance.


What do you think about these advances in motorsports safety technology? Just like in the tech behind racecars, this is all technology that has and will continue to trickle down to other professional series, as well as club racing.