Low-Cost and Lightweight Racing Suits

By Luciana D'Andretta

March 23, 2017

Shopping on a budget for race suits usually means having to make big compromises when it comes fit, suit weight, and size availability. There are a number of cheap racing suits that force racers to choose between material and price. Fortunately, there are now a couple of options on the market that dispel that popular myth.

In this week’s product review, Shawn Stout of Winding Road Racing, talks about two of our favorite myth-busting, low-cost, and lightweight racing suits: the Oreca V-Start and the Alpinestars Knoxville racing suit:

These racing suits for sale range from $399-$499 and can be found online at WindingRoadRacing.com or at any of our four retail locations (Austin, Southern California, Northern California at Thunderhill Raceway and in Bowling Green, KY).