Long-Term Car Video: 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe At The Sno*Drift Rally

By Brandon Turkus

February 21, 2012

When we first got our long-term Mini Cooper S Coupe, our editors spent one week behind the wheel, familiarizing themselves with the new two-seater. Impressions were generally positive, as we each applauded the handling and power of the car, along with some of its other idiosyncrasies.
The last editor to get seat time was multimedia man Chris Amos, who had a special set of plans. He’d be heading up to Atlanta, Michigan, to watch the first round of the Rally America Championship, the Sno*Drift Rally. While the rally provided plenty to see and do, there were also some great snow-covered roads on which to put our new winter tires through their paces. So how’d the two-seat Mini do? Watch the video below to find out.
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