It's Back! Toyota Reveals Supra Race Car Concept

By Winding Road Staff

March 07, 2018

While the new Mk 5 Supra street car hasn't been revealed, Toyota did something arguably better by showing the new car in racing form at the Geneva Motor Show. If you are interested in seeing the new Supra, this gives you a pretty good idea of what is coming. This platform will also form the basis of the next BMW Z4, though with different styling and details.

While the road-going car is slated to have a turbocharged inline six, the concept racer was shown sans engine, indicating that Toyota (and BMW?) may set the car up to run in several SRO-based classes, most likely GT4 and GT3. Toyota personnel indicated as much at Geneva. The street cars are intended to go on sale in 2019, so we should see on or more of the race versions ready to run for that same season.