HPDE Drivers: The Low-Cost Way To Always Have A Coach

By Shawn Stout

January 09, 2019

While NASA and some track day operators often offer free coaching as you begin HPDE (High-Performance Driver Education), eventually you move up to more advanced run groups and you're on your own. You can then hire a professional coach, but this generally costs $750-$1250 per day. Having a private coach is great, but unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive for many drivers.

Given that many drivers simply choose to have no coach and then sometimes get stuck on a learning plateau, we've been investigating a learning aid that many drivers really like: the Apex Pro, a.k.a. the "Magic Coaching Box". If you haven't heard of the Apex Pro,it is a simple device that helps drivers learn to drive the car at the limit of the tire's grip. Whether you are a track day driver, autocrosser, or racer, that is a valuable skill to have. It is a Grip Gauge that shows you where extra grip is being left on the table. A coach will still be invaluable, but the Apex Pro is quite complimentary in reality. 

Here is a short video covering what the lights do:

And here's a quick video explaining what's in that magic box and how it can help you:

If that is intriguing, but you want to know more, read our coverage of using it on a track day here: Diving Into Corners and Data: Reviewing The APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach In The Real World

To order your very own Apex Pro ($449): APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach