Holiday Wish Book: AiM MXG Data System

By Winding Road Staff

November 30, 2016

Data is essential for driver development, it is as simple as that. You want the right data in the cockpit while you are driving, and you need the right data when you get out of the car and are working with a coach or other drivers. 
The AiM MXG data system can do pretty much everything you need to do when properly configured. We like to see position on track, speed, brake pressure, throttle position, steering angle and lateral g's at a minimum. For driving the car, of course, we want rpm, speed and shift lights. We want to know our laps times and we generally like to have predictive times so that we get updated on progress driving each segment of a track. For monitoring the health of the car we need oil and water temps, cylinder head temp and oil pressure.  We want the latter with alarm lights. For specific cars, other data channels may be needed (e.g. brake bias). The AiM MXG allows all of that.  
The MXG can also be integrated with the AIM Smartycam GP HD so that key data elements are synched with your video. For coaching, we find video is an essential complement to data. The nice thing about the Smartycam is the ease with which you can see brake and throttle points and pressures related to brake markers, turn in and apex. 
All these things can be done with other AiM systems like the MXL2, but the MXG gives you your in car data in color. Color allows you to process more information quickly and the extra cost for this is pretty small. 
You were good this year, right? So, you deserve it.