Hard To Fit? Road Race Gear For Big And Tall Drivers

By Shawn Stout

April 27, 2018

If you're 5' 8" tall and weigh 140 lb., you'll probably have an easy time finding race suits or seats that fit you. But if you are tall or muscular or have wide hips, things might not be so easy. We've picked a few products from our suppliers that work pretty well for larger racers, based on our experience fitting thousands of drivers.


If you have wide feet, we suggest you try the OMP One S, which is available in a 2EE:

Most OMP shoes are available in longer sizes as well, and customers are particularly fond of the Technica Evo, which is available up to size 48 (size 14 US):

Nomex Suits

OMP is generally a good place to start in looking for a more generous cut or a larger size (OMP offers standard sizing up to a 66). The Technica-S is a popular OMP model that meets many needs:

If standard suits don't work for you, we can recommend a custom, made-to-measure racing suit. These are surprisingly affordable and can be constructed in as little as 3 weeks:

Call us to discuss your needs.

Race Seats

For taller drivers who are relatively thin, we particularly like the Sabelt Taurus (halo) and Titan (non-halo):

If you don't need a halo, the Sparco Evo II US is a good choice for "wider" racers:

For either halo or non-halo applications, the popular Ultrashield Spec Miata and Rally Sport seats are available in an 18" width:

We can have Ultrashield customize your seat as well, so if you need width and height or wider shoulder support or asymmetrical halos, it can be done. Call us to discuss your needs.

Speaking of custom, if you want top-of-the-line comfort, Racetech seats can be custom-made to fit your measurements:

Again, call one of our product specialists to discuss your needs.


Head sizes don't vary as much as body sizes do, but if you have trouble finding a large enough helmet, you should check out the Simpson Bandit:

If you need more features (comms, hydration etc), the Stilo helmets line is a good choice since they are available up to a size 64. The ST5 is one of our most popular helmets:

Whatever it is you need, please know we are here to help you find the perfect fit